January 8th

2015 – “Rivals” episode of Conquest of the Skies airs

On this day in dinosaurs, natural history fans were treated to a visual feast of prehistoric flight.

Sir David Attenborough is our era’s most prominent natural history communicator. For more than 6 decades, he’s been bringing the wonders of nature–both past and present–into homes around the world. In 2015, his Conquest of the Skies series examined how animals developed flight, and since Sir David has always been keen on fossils and prehistoric life, he could’t resist working feathered dinosaurs into the show’s second episode.

In this video clip from the show, the four-winged Microraptor gui is brought to life through computer animation. Gliding from tree to tree with its forelimb and hindlimb wings outstretched, the dinosaur resembled a Mesozoic bi-plane.

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