February 16th

1974 – Doctor Who’s Dinosaur Series Concludes

On this day in dinosaurs the final episode of Doctor Who’s Invasion of the Dinosaurs series aired in the UK. While lambasted for its special effects, the series used dinosaurs only as a distraction. The plot is driven by a group of people from the future who want to return to the past to build a better, more natural world to inhabit. So they manipulate time to bring dinosaurs into London as a diversion, prompting evacuations which will allow them to take control.

Doc Oho Reviews
Doc Oho Reviews

Sound confusing? Well, it’s vintage Doctor Who and the series was released on home video years later so it’s a darling of many fans–despite the underwhelming dinosaurs. But if you had a machine that could affect time, what would you do with it? Would you be keen on bringing dinosaurs to the 20th or 21st century, or travel back to the Mesozoic yourself?

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