February 19th

1871 – William Diller Matthew Born

On this day in dinosaurs, William Diller Matthew arrived in the world. He is primarily known as a prominent mammalogist during his time and for acting as a curator at the American Museum of Natural History.

William Diller Matthew / Wikimedia Commons
William Diller Matthew / Wikimedia Commons

Matthew published 240 scientific papers–some suggesting that climate was a driving force of evolution, and others where he hypothesized that humans first originated in Asia (which played a role in the Museum’s legendary Central Asiatic Expeditions). He was also a strong advocate of a modern system of taxonomy.

For our dina-purposes, Matthew published Dinosaurs with special reference to the American Museum collections — which is mandatory reading for serious dinophiles–chronicling not only the science of his day, but the stories behind some of the most famous fossil specimens ever discovered.

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