March 13th

On this day in dinosaurs, a double birthday feature:

1949 – Happy Birthday Phil Currie

He can identify a carnivorous dinosaur from a single fossil tooth. A dinosaur museum has been named in his honor. He’s among the most revered paleontologists of his generation.

Phil Currie
Currie and a newly discovered baby Chasmosaurus belli. / CBC News

Phil Currie is one of the leading dinosaur detectives in the world. Working mostly in his native Alberta badlands, Currie has worked on many spectacular discoveries, including the Centrosaur bone bed, an assemblage of tyrannosaurids that suggest pack hunting behavior, and a number of fossil collecting expeditions to the Arctic, South America, and Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

Playing a role in the University of Alberta’s open online course, Dino 101, has brought Currie’s expertise to an even wider audience of children and adults alike. Under his tutelage, the next generation of Canadian dinosaur hunters are being born in the badlands and his influence will surely be felt for centuries to come.

Listen to Currie describing the baby Chasmosaurus pictured above:

1950 – William H. Macy Born

We also celebrate the birthday of William H. Macy today, who played Paul Kirby in the third film of the Jurassic Park franchise.

William H. Macy in Jurassic Park III / Jurassic Park Wiki

Hope nothing chases you today, William!

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