March 22nd

1985 – Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend is Released

On this day in dinosaurs Touchstone Pictures took us into the African jungle where researchers attempt to rescue a baby sauropod dinosaur from the clutches of privateers and military moguls.  Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend was inspired by the tales of Mokele-mbembe, a folk legend of a dinosaur (or dinosaur-like) creature that survives somewhere in the depths of the Congo rainforest.

The movie was most notable for its full-size animatronic dinosaurs, which thundered through the trees and reacted to the human actors in ways that previous stop-motion animation didn’t allow. But with the release of Jurassic Park several years later, Baby and many other films became instantly outdated. “Don’t you mean extinct?” Regardless of popular opinion, Baby still has a warm place in the hearts of many dinophiles, especially for its appearances in the dinosaur documentaries of the late 1980s.


1995 – Happy Birthday Nick Robinson

Also on this day in dinosaurs, Jurassic World‘s Nick Robinson was born. Robinson’s character, Zach Mitchell, undergoes quite a transformation during the course of the film–from aloof teenager to his brother’s caretaker.


There’s no other big brother we’d pick to protect us from genetically engineered pseudo-dinosaurs. Hope you have a great, Indominus-free day Nick!

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