March 25th

At the Boundary Between Life and Death

Non-avian dinosaurs don’t exist anymore. And while our feathered contemporaries inspire their own sense of insatiable wonder, we will not see living dinosaur giants in our short sojourn on planet Earth. Yet, these mysterious creatures live on in our culture–moreso than any other prehistoric animals.

Dinosaurs have become something more than animals. They are beyond nature, beyond myth, beyond monsters. They are all of these and yet none of them individually. Dinosaurs have been resurrected by us–not in a literal, Jurassic Park way, or in the still-distant and slightly peculiar retrofitted chicken way. We infuse those old bones with art, and movies, and music, and memories and recreate dinosaurs within our imaginations. Each one of us has a distinctly unique vision of them, as individual as our fingerprints.

And because we perform this miraculous reconstruction of ancient life, and because we love the dinosaurs we’ve each created in our own minds, the Mesozoic megafauna transcends extinction. Dinosaurs live on, both as living birds and as humanity’s favorite creatures from the past. They proliferate in our cerebral recesses. Inside our brains their calls echo through eternity. Because of us, they dance, duel, and die again.

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