April 7th

On this day in dinosaurs, it’s a T. rex rampage:

2015 – T. Rex Autopsy Airs on National Geographic

Dinosaur documentaries are usually predictable affairs, but in 2015, the National Geographic Channel came up with a new way to talk about everyone’s favorite Mesozoic megastar. By creating a fictional storyline that a Tyrannosaurus rex corpse had been delivered to a secret government facility, the show’s scientist were able to discuss paleontology as a living science–by dissection.

Daily Mail

The program was made possible by an absolutely astonishing model with life-like features inside and out. Chainsaw-wielding veterinarian Luke Gamble joined paleontologists Matt Mossbrucker, Victoria Herridge, and Steve Brusatte to dissect the model, sending blood, guts, and bones everywhere. In the midst of all the fun, some science was brought to a larger audience and the show’s memorable presentation is one that remains in the memory years later.

1946 – Stan Winston Born

The man responsible for bringing some of Jurassic Park‘s most fearsome dinosaurs to the big screen was also born on this day in 1946. Audiences will be roaring about Winston’s life-size animatronic dinosaurs for generations to come.

It’s a day dedicated to T. rex and we want to see your photos with the king of the dinosaurs. Share yours with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #TDIDinos.