April 8th

Why Tyrannosaurus is still the king

Field Museum

The contenders rise and fall, but there’s something about the tyrant lizard king (or queen). T. rex just can’t be dethroned. Spinosaurus is longer. Giganotosaurus is similarly-sized to Tyrannosaurus. There are plenty of carnivores that are just slightly smaller than the beast Barnum Brown brought home (twice). So what’s the deal? Why is T. rex the most famous?

  1. Tyrannosaurus is famous for being famous. No other dinosaur is as widely known or beloved so by that merit alone, the king stays in its place of prominence.
  2. It’s scary as anything. Whatever its dietary habits, the skeletal remains of Tyrannosaurus are terrifying. Whether we first encounter the giant as children or adults, the effect is the same. It’s an awesome and terrifying animal.
  3. Tyrannosaurus was the first Cretaceous mega-predator to be found. Allosaurus is savage in its own right, but it’s not as big. And while some dinophiles may argue about which is scarier, T. rex is a much more massive animal. Its notoriety has never quelled.
  4. Body image. Something about that gigantic head, the most ferocious bite force of all time, and those tiny arms does it for us humans. It’s awkward and scary all at the same time. And feathers? Some of us think it would be even scarier with feathers.

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