April 12th

2011 – Daemonosaurus published

On this day in dinosaurs, a new, “prominent toothed” carnivore emerged from the geologic abyss.


Ghost Ranch, New Mexico is synonymous with the Triassic dinosaur, Coelophysis. The remains of this bipedal creature are numerous and blocks of stone loaded up with skeletons of Coelophysis have been retrieved from the site for decades. One of these blocks, from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, was being prepared at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, when a volunteer preparator found something unusual. Several skeletal fragments in the block did not belong to Coelophysis.

After careful study, a group of researches officially named Daemonosaurus–the “prominent toothed demon reptile”–on this day in 2011. They estimate the animal was around 7 feet long and weighed around 50 pounds. There may yet be more of Daemonosaurus lurking in the Ghost Ranch rocks, among scores of Coelophysis.

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