April 17th

On this day in dinosaurs, a double feature with great expeditions and zany films.

1922 – First Asiatic Expedition Leaves Peking

Roy Chapman Andrews of the American Museum of Natural History led the First Central Asiatic Expedition out of what was then known as Peking on this day in 1922. The caravan was bound for Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, where Andrews would lead several outrageously expensive and well publicized trips in subsequent years.

Roy Chapman Andrews / AMNH & Roy Chapman Andrews Society

Andrews wrote his memoirs of these adventures in several books and the Central Asiatic Expeditions are most fondly remembered for the discovery of the Flaming Cliffs, Velociraptor, Oviraptor, and Protoceratops skeletons, and the first dinosaur eggs ever discovered.


1981 – Caveman hits theaters

Set in “One Zillion B.C.”, this madcap movie features dinosaurs, cave-people, and a tagline that says it all: “They didn’t call it the ‘Stone Age’ for nothing.”


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