April 21st

Where Dinosaurs Are Found

Isn’t it curious that dinosaurs are found on all seven continents, in all climates, in a variety of different geologic formations? What’s even more intriguing is that these areas were completely different than they were today. Areas of the Arctic and Antarctic were forests. Mountain ranges and deserts were floodplains and river deltas.

Map of Major Dinosaur Fossil Sites / Britannica

We dam rivers to find dinosaur footprints and excavate hillsides to find their ancient burial grounds. We find them in all corners of the globe–their world frozen in time by the Earth’s embrace of their sedimentary stone. Their preservation in such varied locales tells us fantastic tales about their dominion over the planet.

The distribution and variety of dinosaur discoveries tells us that dinosaurs inhabited most of the terrestrial niches throughout their 140 million year reign. While dynasties rose and fell with changing climatic conditions and ecological changes, dinosaurs as a whole survived whatever nature hurled at them. They lived in a variety of habitats and had a range of lifestyles to match their homes. Like modern animals, some cared for their young, fought for mates and territory, and migrated great distances. They were dedicated to survival.

Wherever we look–at least where the rocks are of the right age–we find the dinosaurs. Not just for a short period–but for most of the time vertebrates have lived on land. Will humans be as universal over the same length of time?

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