May 7th

2014 – Qianzhousaurus described

On this day in dinosaurs, “Pinocchio rex” made its debut in the scientific literature. Named for its long snout, Qianzhousaurus was discovered in China and demonstrated that tyrannosaurines with elongated muzzles were present throughout Asia.

Qianzhousaurus / Dinopedia

Qianzhousaurus and its long-snouted cousins were a different breed of tyrannosaur that rose to prominence in Asia at the end of the Cretaceous. Unlike the railroad spike teeth of TyrannosaurusQianzhousaurus employed the use of long, slicing teeth in its jaws.

With a ridge of bone along its nose and a frame that suggests it might have been even quicker on its feet than its North American cousins, Qianzhousaurus has paved the way for a more comprehensive study of the tyrannosaur family tree.

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