May 10th

On this day in dinosaurs, it’s a double dino birthday bash!

1888 – Max Steiner Born

The incredible composer of the King Kong score, which was to influence every major cinematic score to come after it, was born on this day.

Steiner conducting / Hollywood in Vienna

Steiner’s use of leitmotifs and the bombastic power of a fully loaded orchestra brought the emotion and ferocity of Kong (and his dinosaur neighbors) to a higher level than could have been achieved without his masterful music.

1934 – Gary Owens Born

Gary Owens, famous for hosting children’s dinosaur documentaries alongside Eric Boardman, was also born on this day.

Gary Owens with Eric Boardman /

Gary’s hijinks in the programs are legendary among dinophiles, none moreso than when he turns into a dinosaur himself–a “Garyosaurus.”

We salute you, Steiner and Owens, for the joy–and the dinosaurs–you’ve brought to our lives.

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