May 16th

On this day in dinosaurs, it’s another double feature!

2011 – Tree of Life is shown at Cannes

We start at the movies, where Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life–with its Mesozoic empathy sequence–was shown at Cannes film festival. The meaning of the scene is largely left to the viewer, but the dinosaurs showing up, unexpectedly, in a major cinematic drama was significant. This kind of high profile appearance illustrates just how important dinosaurs have become to human culture.

1997 – Giganotosaurus skull unveiled at Academy of Natural Sciences

Also on this day in dinosaurs, the Academy of Natural Sciences unveiled the skull of Giganotosaurus–a South American super-predator that was slightly longer than Tyrannosaurus rex. 


With T. rex roaming the North American west 30 million years after Giganotosaurus ruled in Argentina, the two giant predators never met. But for several years, visitors to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia were treated to seeing the skeletons  of the two titans squaring up to each other.


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