May 19th

2000 – Disney’s Dinosaur hits theaters

On this day in dinosaurs, Disney brought CGI dinosaurs into its family of films. In Dinosaur, viewers meet Aladar the Iguanodon and a Mesozoic world of friends and predators that help Aladar find his place in the world after his life begins in tragedy. If you think the story sounds a little bit like The Land Before Time, you’re not the only one. Disney executives held onto the idea for the film for more than a decade, allowing the animation technology to improve and working on a plot that would differentiate their film from the cult classic.


Eventually Dinosaur became a classic in its own right. The film was a box office hit, earning nearly $350 million in global box office sales. It earned plaudits for its breathtaking visual effects and for bringing another generation of children into dinosaur fandom.

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