May 26th

2012 – Field Station: Dinosaurs opens in New Jersey

On this day in dinosaurs, Field Station: Dinosaurs opened their original location with more than 30 lifesize animatronic dinosaurs. With the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, the original Field Station: Dinosaurs park guided visitors through an outdoor wooded area brimming with prehistoric superstars, including a 90 foot long Argentinosaurus.


Field Station: Dinosaurs is more than gawking at big robots. The park is designed as an educational “expedition,” requiring visitors to carry scientific credentials and participate in learning more about dinosaurs. There’s a dinosaur troubadour who performs concerts with Mesozoic music, presentations from paleontologists and other experts, and interactive stations that engage kids and adults alike.

With more parks planned to open in the coming years in other areas, we wish Field Station: Dinosaurs continued success!

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